Overview of VETERNEO

Overview of VETERNEO

VeterNeo is a marketing-driven veterinary pharmaceutical firm dedicated to making high-quality veterinary pharmaceutical products accessible to all. As one of India’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies, Veterneo’s management goal is to “always dedicate quality products at affordable costs. We use quality-grade constituents supplied from our valued customers. Our goal is to help your pets and animals live longer, healthier lives.

We are a fast growing Indian veterinary pharmaceutical company that sells a wide range of veterinary drugs all over the world. We believe that our established presence in all major therapeutic areas provides us with a competitive advantage in the domestic market.

Our goal is to create a diverse portfolio of innovative veterinary pharmaceutical products that address the diverse needs of animals suffering from various ailments by developing superior products where conventional formulations are ineffective and reformulating pharmaceutical compounds with known safety and efficacy.

At VeterNeo, we cherish our clients’ relationships and believe in a ‘Customer Centric’ approach to measuring our performance. We strive to provide authentic and quick solutions while honouring our obligations. Prompt response and acceptance of Audit compliance is a natural corollary. The organisation has what it takes to maintain its dedication to excellence, thanks to its unrivalled service and unrivalled quality.

we are a company committed to providing the best possible quality and it is thanks to the unrelenting dedication of our professionals that we have attracted a large number of customers in the market. We have a solid quality management system that ensures accuracy and speed of execution in product control, at all stages of production. 

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vision and mission of veterneo


To Provide quality products and services to the global animal health sector, as well as bringing new innovations with great effectiveness for “Animal kind”.


 To be a global shining example for animal health companies

  • To provide safe and effective animal health care products
  • Offer innovative products as per customer needs

Quality Policy of VeterNeo

Quality Assurance of veterneo

VeterNeo is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards, with products that meet pharmacopoeial standards and relevant regulatory requirements. 

Furthermore, the company ensures that all steps involved in the design, development and manufacture of a product lead to the level of quality performance expected in the market. 

This commitment to quality obliges us to ensure that our facilities are equipped to provide the right environment, that our employees are trained and quality conscious, that our packaging We offer the necessary safety and aesthetics, and that our products provide complete satisfaction to our customers.

Producing and supplying excellent quality medicines to constantly meet the needs of esteemed customers and mankind in general. We manufacture our products in a single cGMP-certified factory and ensure strict adherence to cGMP guidelines, national and international standards relevant to the pharmaceutical industry. Consider health, safety and environmental protection an integral part of the quality strategy. Enhance customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of the quality management system.

It is the policy of VeterNeo to ensure that all products and services offered to our company’s customers at all times comply with all applicable regulatory requirements as well as the Best Practices and Principles. current good manufacturing (cGMP) to ensure “fit for use” under the customer’s contract. expected.

Quality Policy of veterneo

In addition, it is our policy to ensure that VeterNeo’s product development, manufacturing, and logistics processes have a direct impact on the quality of the final drug. , are defined and controlled to provide a high degree of assurance that each commercial product consistently meets predefined specifications and quality attributes.  

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